FW Onboarding Representative

Preferable Location(s): Venezuela, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) | Colombia, Colombia | United States, United States of America | Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico | Mexico, Mexico | Argentina, Argentina
Work Type: Contract

Educational level

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.  



2+ years of experience in similar positions (Preferred but not limitative). 


English level


Skills, Traits and Abilities

  • Communication and effective listening. 

  • Confidence, self-confidence. 

  • Persuasion. 

  • High tolerance threshold. 

  • Planning and productivity. 

  • Discipline. 

  • Positive attitude, optimism. 

  • Proactivity, dynamism. 

  • Determinism, self motivation. 

  • Negotiating Skills. 

  • Commitment to work for results. 

  • Capacity to work under pressure. 

  • Management of objections. 

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