Project Manager

Preferable Location(s): Venezuela, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) | Colombia, Colombia | Argentina, Argentina | Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico | Mexico, Mexico | United States, United States of America
Work Type: Contract

Educational level 

Bachelor’s degree in Administration, or a related discipline.  

With a specialization in project or quality management. 



+5 years of experience in similar positions. 


English level 



Skills, Traits and Abilities: 

  •  Leadership 

1) Objectivity in role development 

2) Customer orientation 

3) Emotionally intelligent 

4) Respect for authority 

5) Effective communicator: Consulting and Public Speaking Skills 

6) Self-disciplined, proactive 

7) Willingness to work under pressure and delivery times 

8) Leadership and change management for stakeholders management 

9) Work team management 

10) Conflict resolution 


  • Strategic and Business Management 

11) Attempt that the results of the project fit the business objectives of the clients or shareholders agreed during the negotiation. 

12) Attempt that the results of the project conform to the objectives and criteria of GB Advisors. 

13) Knowledge in process management, technology and technological projects 

14) Construction, management of control and monitoring indicators, reporting 

16) Ability to communicate in English 


  • Technical Project Management 

17) Project Scope and Time Management 

18) Cost Management (PCR, Acquisitions, Time Control) 

19) Risk and escalation management 

20) Knowledge in PMBOK and IT project implementation methodologies (SCRUM, among others) 

21) Knowledge in Quality Standards and Methodologies (KAIZEN, ISO, Six Sigma, etc) 

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