IT Services

Solutions Specialist

Preferable Location(s): Venezuela, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) | Mexico, Mexico | Argentina, Argentina | Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico | United States, United States of America | Colombia, Colombia
Work Type: Contract

Educational level 

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Information Technology or Information Security, or in a related field.


2+ years of experience in similar positions. 

English level 


Skills, Traits and Abilities

  • Flair for translating customer’s needs into existing product features or navigate alternatives.

  • Salespersonship and negotiation skills, ability to speak in a convincing manner.

  •  Knowledge about common commercial processes.

  • Desirable to have strong self-education skills.

  • Must have knowledge about common company processes.

  • Attention to detail.

  •  Excellent communication skills – both written and oral.

  • Strategic, Trusting, Dutiful, Achievement Striving, Competitive, Leader, Optimistic.

  •  Knowledge in CRM, ITSM, ITSEC, ITIL, Office 365.

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